Abstract: A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that is made up by a pool of money collected from investors for the purpose of making trades in a portfolio of securities by investment managers. One of several mutual funds in Indonesia is euqity funds that invrest at least 80% of the portfolio’s value in listed stocks. The purpose of this research is identify and determine the performance of Indonesia equity mutual fundsand rank them by using the sixcommonlyused methods, namely Information Ratio, Sharpe Measure Ratio, Jensen Ratio,Treynor Ratio, Sortino Ratio, and Fama's Ratio. Selected samples are (1) equity mutualfundswhich active for five consecutive years during 2008-2012 period, (2) managed by aninvestment manager with a number managed funds over Rp500 billion, and (3) equitymutual fund with average return above the market return. The results showed that the RDSPanin Dana Maksima has the highest performance, while RDS NISP Progressive StockIndex is the lowest order performance. Itis also found that only 5 equity funds that have performed above average(outperform) in the order of the best, namely RDS Panin Dana Maksima, RDS Panin Dana Prima, RDS Syailendra Equity Opportunity Fund, Grow RDS-2-Prosper, RDS GMT Equity Fund.
Keywords: Equity funds, performance measurement, rank
Penulis: Nicodemus Simu
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd151617

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