Entrepreneurship: The Future Research Agendas

ABSTRACT: The entrepreneurship concept has grown quickly. Starting from the behavioral approach (Miller, 1983; Covin and Slevin. 1991; Stevenson and Jarillo, 1990), process (Mintzberg, 1973; Lumpkin and Dess 1996;) and strategic approach (Venkatraman and Sarasvathy, 2001). Each of these perspectives has been widely accepted and some researchers have done the appraisal, either empirically or conceptually. One of the factors that drive the development of the concept of entrepreneurship is the behavioral approach as a result of business activities. The behavior is dynamic and multidimensional. Therefore, the concept of entrepreneurship can be developed into another perspective. Some researchers give recommendations about the entrepreneurship development based on religiosity and genetic
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Religiosity, Genetic
Penulis: Mohammad Arief
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd161203

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