ABSTRACT: The central data and Information of healthy ministry republic of Indonesia estimate the amount of Indonesian people in 2013 about 248,4 million people. BKKBN data of the special region of  Yogyakarta in January until September 2015, the participants of family planning MOP is 64 participants (0,5%), meanwhile  the participants of MOP contraception in Sedayu district is the fourth lowest in Bantul city about 76 participants (1,2%) from 7.782 age couple of fertile. In this research which has done in Sumberan Village, the husband who has the good knowledge level about MOP contraception about (21,7%). The husband has a role or not in using MOP contraception depend on their knowledge level about MOP contraception. The objective of study was to know husbands knowledge of representation level about MOP contraception in Sumberan Village Argodadi Sedayu, Bantul Yogyakarta. This research did  descriptively and quantitatively with use descriptive survey. The sample on this research were the husbands in Sumberan Village Argodadi Sedayu Bantul Yogyakarta about 60 respondents. The measure tool used was questioner. The analysis of this research was univariate analysis. The result showed that the respondents has the knowledge about MOP contraception in categories good (21.7%), sufficient (63.3%), decrease (15%). As conclusion, many of husbands (63.3%) in Sumberan village, Argodadi Sedayu Bantul Yogyakarta has the knowledge level in category sufficient or enough.
KEYWORDS: knowledge, contraception, man operative method (MOP)
Penulis: Eka Nurhayati, Mera Martati Lova, Farida Aryani
Kode Jurnal: jpkebidanandd170433

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