ABSTRACT: Chronic renal failure becomes a big problem in the world since it is difficult to cure, and it needs expensive and long period of treatment. Haemodialysis is one therapy to overcome deteriorated function of kidney. Haemodialysis therapy will change the rhythm of people’s life both for the patients and for the family since it should be done all along the patient’s life. General objective of the study was to investigate the correlation between living quality and period of haemodialysis treatment. The result of the study is expected to give image of patient’s living quality, so it can help them to determine the most proper intervention. The study applied correlative description. Sample collecting technique used accidental sampling during 1 week. The main instruments were questionnaire of living quality and medical report. Statistical analysis used Kendall tau correlational test. The result of the study obtained 68.3% respondents in long period of haemodialysis (>24 months), and 75% respondents were in moderate living quality. Correlative coefficient 0.042 means that one way correlation was very low. P value = 0.739 (p<0.05) showing that there was no correlation between living quality and period of haemodialysis therapy. The suggestion is that nurses are expected to do interdisciplinary intervention which covers medical strategy, diet, and psychosocial which treat correlated factors such as physical and mental complain that is experienced by patients with haemodialysis.
KEYWORDS: Chronic renal failure; Living quality; Haemodialysis
Penulis: Sufiana, Diyah Candra Anita
Kode Jurnal: jpkebidanandd170432

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