Enantiomeric ratio of sesamin in the bark of Pentaspadon motleyi (Anacardiaceae)

Abstract: the barks of Pentaspadon motleyi hook. f. (Anacardiaceae) were collected from the Poso district in Central Sulawesi, indonesia, in 1992 which it has been used traditionally as a remedy  ormalaria and tuberculosis in the local area. it was found that a mixture of (+)-sesamin (1) and (-)-sesamin(2) in a ratio of 100:86 were present together with lupeol in the bark of Pentaspadon motleyi. this was the frst evidence of sesamin being isolated in almost equivalent amounts of (+)- and (-)-forms from a single plant species, and indicates that the biosynthetic pathway of sesamin in the plant is not enantioselective or fuzzy.
Keywords: (+)-sesamin, (-)-sesamin, enantiomeric ratio, Pentaspadon motley
Penulis: Chinami Kitamura, Partomuan SimanjuntaK, KazuyoShi Kawazoe, Shoji maehara, KazuyoShi ohaShi, hirotaKa Shibuya
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd110186

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