Abstract: Cataract is an eye lens opacities arising from metabolic disorders in the lens. Cataracts can not be prevented unless the kebutaanya is by surgery. Surgery or cataract surgery is one stressor for patients with cataracts. From a review of nursing soul surgery created a crisis situation that is internal disorder caused by a stressful event, threatening and increased anxiety. The purpose of this study to determine the level of patient anxiety pre cataract surgery Surgery In Space District General Hospital Ciamis Distric
Type a descriptive study, sampling in this study using total sampling technique that is the entire population research sample as many as 31 patients pre cataract surgeryThe results showed that patients with preoperative anxiety cataract Surgery In Space District General Hospital Ciamis Regency, the highest frequency that almost half of respondents have a mild anxiety as many as 16 people (51.6%), 10 (32.3%) had moderate anxiety, and the lowest frequency is 5 people (16.1%) experienced severe anxiety while in severe anxiety (panic)no experience.
Suggestions are expected to provide care, comfort, a friendly attitude, and try to understand the feelings of the patient-related operations to be performed as well as more emphasis on the provision of explanation or action procedures for prevention of anxiety in patients by improving communication therapeutic nurse right so that the patient does not experienceAnxietyin surgery.
Keywords: anxiety, preoperatively, cataract
Penulis: Yanti Srinayanti, Jajuk Kusumawaty, Angga Nugroho
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd170131

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