Abstract: Documentation for objective, accurate and comprehensive a factor best to prove that professional nursing actions are given to the patient as needed. Implementation of the documentation of nursing care can be influenced by motivation nurse. Motivation is the cause, distributes, and supports human behavior so that they work hard and enthusiastically to achieve optimal results. Based on the preliminary survey of the 10 documents Ciamis District Hospital nursing care patients were found to be filled but incomplete. The results of the interview the nurse said working conditions felt very heavy. Interest knowing the relationship between motivation nurse with the implementation of nursing care documentation in inpatient hospitals Ciamis.Method. Type quantitative analytical research using cross sectional approach, population in this study are all nurses working in inpatient hospital Installation Ciamis. The sampling technique by means of proportional random sampling with a sample of 62 nurses.The results showed that most of the nurses motivation category were as many as 29 people (46.8%), implementation of nursing care documentation category are not held as many as 39 people (62.9%). The results of the analysis of chi square (χ2) known significant correlation between motivation of nurses and nursing care documentation implementation of inpatient hospital Ciamis because the value of α> ρ value (0.05> 0.000) and the value of chi-square (χ2) test> chi square (χ2) table (26.546> 5.991).Conclusions. There is a significant relationship between motivation nurse with documentation of nursing care in inpatient hospitals CiamisRecommendation.RSUD increase the motivation of nurses with the training techniques of nursing care documentation, impose SOP nursing care as a reference in the act of documenting nursing and proportion number of nurses with a room capacity or the number of patients 
Keywords: Motivation, Documenting, Nursing
Penulis: Suhanda, Zia Khairul Anwar
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd170132

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