Abstract: Overweight and obesity was a problem in teenagers feared, because the desire to be perfect is often interpreted to choose a sleek or slim body and proportional is their dream. This is compounded by a variety of advertising medicinal herb - drugs, food, and drinks are slimming. As a result, a hundreds of thousands spent on a strict diet  to buy drugs for slimming and weight loss treatments. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of self reinforcement against weight loss in overweight and obese adolescents, studies conducted in SMP Negeri I Puri Mojokerto.
The study design was used  quasy experiment. The sampling technique was used purposive sampling, the number of samples was taken  16 for the treatment group / experiment and 16 for the control group. The independent variables in this study were self reinforcement and the dependent variable is weight loss. This study provides a questionnaire taken, given the treatment in the form of counseling, and dietician bring further testimony tabulated later included in the frequency distribution table. Analysis of the results of studies using two-sample t test free is independent T-test, for normal distribution.
The results show the value of t count is 0,000 whose value was smaller than the error level is 0:05 or with a 95% significance means that Ho was rejected and Ha accepted. No difference between the treatment groups given the group not given the treatment. In the linear regression obtained significance value of 0.011 was smaller than 0.05, and the significance value of time sport is 0,112 was bigger than 0,05 was not significance means  influence between knowledge and time of sport for weight loss in overweight and obese in teenagers.
Further research is recommended to further increase the time period of the study, because treatment to improve this knowledge continue to be given
Keywords: knowledge, weight loss
Penulis: Siti Muthoharoh
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd150627

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