Abstract: In the treatment at the Hospital, one way to give satisfaction to patients is to communicate better known as therapeutic communication. Ability in the skills of health workers required medical treatment to be able to communicate well with patients in achieving the goals of nursing care that has been applied, provide professional satisfaction in nursing services and will enhance the profession. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of therapeutic communication with patient satisfaction in Irna Room. The study design was cross sectional analytic approach. The population in this study were all patients in Irna Chamber of Syarifah Ambani Rato Ebu hospitals Bangkalan 60 respondents. The sample amounted to 42 respondents drawn by accidental sampling technique. The independent variable was performed therapeutic communication for health workers and the dependent variable was patient satisfaction. Data were collected using a questionnaire and then do the editing, coding, scoring, tabulating and statistically tested using spearman rho. Based on the results of research in 42 respondents obtained more than half of respondents (52.4%) stated therapeutic communication performed by nurses in either category, most respondents (45.2%) stated they were quite satisfied with therapeutic communication is done by nurses. The test results obtained probability value spearman rho (ρ) = 0.000 <(α) 0.05, so Ho is rejected, which means there is a relationship therapeutic communication with patient satisfaction in Irna Chamber of SyarifahAmbaniRatoEbu hospitals Bangkalan. Society must always pay attention to every service provided by the hospital nurses in particular, also should not hesitate to provide suggestions and constructive criticism for hospital nurses to increase the quality of services to be provided. Health workers especially nurses should always provide optimum services for the respondent because respondent determined recovery and satisfaction of health services provided
Keywords: Nurses, Therapeutic Communication, Satisfaction in Patients
Penulis: Puteri Indah Dwipayanti
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