Abstract: Leprosy is a catching and chronical disease which caused by leprosy germ (mycobacterium leprae) that infected neural system of skin boundary and another body tissue except central neural system. In our society, there is a stigma said that leprosy is a curse disease, congenital or magic karma that difficult to this case family plays important role in the main support system of problems and provided knowledge about leprosy. The objective of this study is analyzing correlation between family role and self esteem of patient with leprosy. This study was using cross sectional. The population in a study are one that family’s of patient leprosy and all his patient with leprosy in Puskesmas Tanjung Region. The sample in the study is patient with leprosy are 42 people and that one family’s of patient with leprosy are 42 people to put using total sampling Technique. The statistical independent variable is family role and the statistical dependent variable is self esteem of patient leprosy. This study was using questionnaire provided to respondent then tabulated using Spearman Rho. Data was collected from responden by questionnaire. The data was presented inform of bars diagram and table. From data collection there are 47,6% respondent possessed low self esteem, 52,4% with high self esteem, 52,4% have enough family role, 47,6% have good family role. ρ count in this study is 0,004 smaller than 0,05. Conclusion of the study is there is a correlation between family role with self esteem of patient leprosy in the Puskesmas Tanjung Region, Sampang. Family is effective channel of reached for the health society effort have used his role with optimals in order to help heal process the family is sick, especially patient of leprosy has physical and psychological health problems
Keyword: self esteem, family role
Penulis: Mr Ahmadi
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd150616

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