Perbaikan Prediksi Kesalahan Perangkat Lunak Menggunakan Seleksi Fitur dan Cluster-Based Classification

Abstract: High balance value of software fault prediction can help in conducting test effort, saving test costs, saving test resources, and improving software quality. Balance values in software fault prediction need to be considered, as in most cases, the class distribution of true and false in the software fault data set tends to be unbalanced. The balance value is obtained from trade-off between probability detection (pd) and probability false alarm (pf). Previous researchers had proposed Cluster-Based Classification (CBC) method which was integrated with Entropy-Based Discretization (EBD). However, predictive models with irrelevant and redundant features in data sets can decrease balance value. This study proposes improvement of software fault prediction outcomes on CBC by integrating feature selection methods. Some feature selection methods are integrated with CBC, i.e. Information Gain (IG), Gain Ration (GR), One-R (OR), Relief-F (RFF), and Symmetric Uncertainty (SU). The result shows that combination of CBC with IG gives best average balance value, compared to other feature selection methods used in this research. Using five NASA public MDP data sets, the combination of IG and CBC generates 63.91% average of balance, while CBC method without feature selection produce 54.79% average of balance. It shows that IG can increase CBC balance average by 9.12%.
Keywords: Cluster-based Classification, Entropy-based Discretization, kesalahan perangkat lunak, seleksi fitur
Penulis: Fachrul Pralienka Bani Muhamad, Daniel Oranova Siahaan, Chastine Fatichah
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd170489

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