Software Running Dynamic Reconfiguration Model Based on B Diagram

Abstract: Aiming at limited support of formalization method of present software system structure for dynamic nature, adaptability nature of system structure and that it cannot verify dynamic characteristics of consistency, integrity in the evolution process of the system, put forward dynamic reconstruction system based on B Diagram theory integrating π calculation and Mobile Ambient calculation during operation of software; emphasize two factors of calculative position and connection; establish relatively completed and extensible theoretical structure. Therefore, B Diagram not only meets the requirement of self-adaption software to structure and interaction, but also provides intuitive and universal presentation ability. Briefly introduce basic conception and current situation; provide formalization rules to self-adaption system structure by B Diagram theory. Analyze and verify nature of dynamic evolution of system; investigate advantages and research direction of self-adaption system structure in formalization aspect.
Keywords: B Diagram; Self-adaption software; Software system structure; Dynamic reconstruction
Author: Wang Ying, Mickey Howard
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160129

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