Photovoltaic Grid Connected Control Algorithm Based on Covariance Optimization Ant Colony Algorithm

Abstract: There are oversized power pulsation, unfixed switching frequency and other defects while the conventional direct power control method is applied in photovoltaic, grid-connected inverter system. To overcome the above problems, this paper puts forward a kind of control method for predicting optimal switch sequence, namely, carrying out combinatorial output for a group of zero voltage vectors and nonzero voltage vectors in a control cycle. Take the prediction and control theory of photovoltaic, grid-connected inverter as the basis to constitute the mathematical function of system power tracing the errors in a single control cycle and regard the minimum error that power traces as the control object to deduce and obtain the optimal action time which is corresponding to each voltage vector. Results of prototype examination has shown that, this method can efficiently optimize the stability control precision of grid-connected inverter system to realize the operation of fixed switching frequency and it also maintains the high dynamic responsive characteristics of the conventional direct power control method.
Keywords: Grid-connected inverter; Power pulsation; Fixed switching frequency; Predictive power
Author: Jia Wen Ting, Wei Xue Ye, Zhang Jun Hong, Ma Jian Guang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160130

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