Impact of Estimated Effect of Driver on Lattice Model Optimized State of Cooperated Drive under Traffic Flow

Abstract: This paper puts forward vehicle-mounted drunk drive-forbidding intelligent management system based on GPS/GSM. Based on traditional vehicle-mounted expiration-type anti-drunk driving ignition blocking device, new-type active and secure products in automotive electronic field are designed. Based on electronic nose theory, home-made alcohol detection module calculates and disposes detection signal of several ethanol sensors through fusion algorithm of neural network. After that, it works out alcohol concentration by quantification and enhances detection precision of alcohol. System adopts minitype aspirator pump to quickly guide expiration to alcohol detection module, avoiding blowpipe and improving speed ability and convenience of detection. Application of GPS/GSM technology realizes the transmission of vehicle locating information, car owner’ information and drunk driving information. Through base station of traffic police, received information can be real-time displayed and stored in database, which realizes intelligent management.
Keywords: Traffic flow; Drunk driving; Lattice model; Estimated effect; Numerical simulation; GSM/GPS
Author: Li Xingliang, Yannick Meiller
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160131

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