Education Training and Assessment for Medical Staff in Network Information Sharing Model

Abstract: In order to improve the evaluation precision of education and training quality, a kind of quality evaluation model of combined medical education and training course (AHPPCASV) is put forward, which is a combination of analytic hierarchy process, principal component analysis and support vector machine. Firstly, AHP is used to construct the evaluation index body, and then the principal component is used to select evaluation index; at last, input SVM to study the establishment of the quality evaluation model of medical education and training course. The simulation results show that AHPPCASVM has improved the evaluation precision of teaching quality and the evaluation efficiency.
Keywords: Analytic hierarchy process; Principal component analysis; Medical training; Teaching quality; Support vector machine
Author: Xiong Wei, Guo Min, Tao Ye, Wang Hui
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160128

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