Multi-tenant Main Memory Index Tree with Shared Structure

Abstract: Multi-tenant main memory index is an important tool to accelerate data access to software as a service. Establishing main memory indexes for each tenant occupies lots of memory space and results in performance bottleneck. The data schemas and access patterns of different tenants are similar, which provides the conditions for tenants storing their index entries with shared structure in main memory. In the paper, the designed structure of main memory index puts the indexes of different tenants on one tree to achieve the effects of saving memory space. Meanwhile, tenant placement algorithm in the cloud isproposed. Its places the tenants with similar indexes on the same node to further optimize the mainmemory space.
Keywords: Multi-tenant database; Main memory index; Tenants placement; SaaS
Author: Lida Zou, Qingzhong Li, Lanju Kong
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160127

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