Sistem Pengaturan Lampu Lalu Lintas dengan Pendeteksi Kemacetan

Abstract: This research was based on a highly frequency of traffic jam on the traffic flow. Traffic controlling was usually used a fixed time traffic signal system. Fixed time traffic signal is traffic light which in operation  is used constant time. This system had weakness because this system could not adapt automatically with situation. According  that reason, the aim of this research was to design and to create a system, which can detect number of vehicle to decrease traffic jam.  The device  was  used  several  components  such  as microcontroller  ATMega128  as controller device, distance sensors GP2Y0A21 as detector object.  LED was used to show a sign to stop, go forward, and be careful, then seven segment was used to show time for LED. Power supply circuit is as voltage source to all circuits in this system.  GP2Y0A21 sensors will detect vehicle which pass in each branch of the road. Sensors will detect vehicle density with four conditions. That condition consist of normal, jam level 1, jam level 2, and total jam. Normal time for green light to turn on was 5 second in each intersection. The more vehicle detected by sensor, the green light will turn in longer time. The results of the experiment from traffic light is to control system with distance sensors GP2Y0A21 as jam detector showed by LED, and seven segment will turn on according to sensors input. To sum up, the design of traffic light in this research could adapt time, particularly in how long the green light to turn ON for each traffic jam.
Keywords: Traffic Light, ATMega128, GP2Y0A21 Sensor
Penulis: Hastuti, Ta'ali
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd150868

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