Penerapan Metoda Decoupled Berbasis Aliran Daya Optimal Pada Sistem Tenaga

Abstract: Optimal power flow is large scale nonlinear programming problem. It has taken anuals to develop efficient algorithms for its solution. Study and application of Decoupled algorithm has been increasing and to be aviable alternative to solve this problem.
In this paper, we describe an implementation of Decoupled algorithm to solve optimal power flow, using combination of ac load flow and interior point based linear programming. The optimal power flow formulation uses the total production cost as the objective function to be minimized, while generation capability, voltage limits and line flow capability as the constraints that must be satisfied.
The algorithm has been test cases ; Sumbar Riau load on system. Computational results show that this algorithm is fast, accurate and robust.
Keywords: Optimal power flow, Decoupled algorithm
Penulis: Oriza Candra, Elfizon Elfizon
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd150869

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