Review on Psychological Crowd Model Based on LeBon’s Theory

Abstract: Irrational crowds tend to adapt herd mentality, having group behaviour and high suggestion through interaction. It is important to see how an irrational crowd can be controlled to prevent undesirable crowd attitude. This paper reviews existing models and the controllers to provide a comprehensive study for crowd control. It focuses on a comprehensive analysis of the control of psychological crowd, modeled using LeBon’s theory; which defines the crowd behaviour in terms of crowd attitude. The crowd attitude is defined in terms of suggestibility and prestige and the crowd interaction is defined in terms of the interaction of prestige and suggestibility, which is naturally unstable. A controller is required to achieve stability. In this paper several control approaches are described and the best control approach is highlighted. The results conclude, the best control approach is using multiple control agents, since the control effort is reduced and the stabilizing time is improved.
Keywords: psychological crowd, LeBon’s theory, crowd attitude, multiple control agents
Author: Vahid Behtaji Siahkal Mahalleh, Hazlina Selamat, Fargham Sandhu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170089

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