The Fusion of HRV and EMG Signals for Automatic Gender Recognition during Stepping Exercise

Abstract: In this paper, a new gender recognition framework based on fusion of features extracted from healthy people electromyogram (EMG) and heart rate variability (HRV) during stepping activity using astepper machine is proposed. An approach is investigated for the fusion of EMG and HRV which is feature fusion. The feature fusion is carried out by concatenating the feature vector extracted from the EMG and HRV signals. A proposed framework consists of a sequence of processing steps which are preprocessing, feature extraction, feature selection and lastly the fusion. The results shown that the fusion approach had improved the performance of gender recognition compared to solely on EMG or HRV based gender identifier.
Keywords: gender recognition, feature fusion, heart rate variability (HRV), electromyography (EMG), Sstepper
Author: Nor Aziyatul Izni Mohd Rosli
JournaL Code: jptkomputergg170090

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