Characterization of Electromagnetic Valveless Micropump

Abstract: This paper presents an electromagnetically-actuated micropump for microfluidicapplication. The system comprises two modules; an electromagnetic actuator module and adiffuser module. Fabrication of the diffuser module can be achieved using photolithographyprocess with a master template and a PDMS prepolymer as the structural material. The actuatormodule consists of two power inductors and two NdFeB permanent magnets placed between the diffuser elements. The choice of this actuation principle merits from low operating voltage(1.5 Vdc) and the flow direction can be controlled by changing the orientation of the magnetvibration. Maximum volumetric flow rate of the fabricated device at zero backpressure is 0.9756 µLs-1 and 0.4659 µLs-1 at the hydrostatic backpressure of 10 mmH2O at 9 Hz of switchingspeed.
Keywords: Valveless micropump, electromagnetic actuation, modular micropump, PDMS membrane, numerical simulation
Author: M. Q. A Rusli, Pei Song Chee
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170088

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