Measurement and Evaluation of Tx/ Rx Antennas for X-Band Radar System

Abstract: This paper presents the performance evaluation of antennas for microwave transmission and reception in X-band radar systems. The transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) antennas are fabricated onmicrostrip array structures. The antennas are connected to microwave circuits with transmission lines, coaxial cables, and microwave combiners and splitters. The designed antennas in X-band microwaveoperation for Tx and Rx parts were fabricated identically by 4x64 microstrip patch antennas in an arraystructure. The fabricated antennas were measured for return loss (S11), VSWR, radiation pattern, andGain. The detail methods for the measurements are reported and their results are also discussed. The measured antenna gain of ~20dBi, and beam width of ~20degree can be obtained using the fabricatedantennas at 9.4GHz microwave operation.
Keywords: Microstrip antennas, array structure, radar system, X-band microwave
Author: Folin Oktafiani
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160270

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