Novel Design of LLC Resonant Converter with Peak Gain Adjustment

Abstract: The main benefits of a half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter that uses two inductors (LL) and a capacitor (C) over the other load resonant converters are its less circulating currents, largerbandwidth for Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) and limited tuning of operating frequency for controlled output. LLC resonant DC/DC converter is identified as a widely adopted topology in server and telecom power system applications because of its higher efficiency, flexibility and reliability. This paper proposes a novel design procedure using peak gain adjustment for a design example of 400V/12V-5A LLC resonant DC/DC converter used in server based applications. An experimental set up of the converter for the specifications mentioned is built and evaluated with the power switch traded as FSFR 2100 IC of Texas Instruments in closed loop configuration. The experimental results have exhibited an improved efficiency of 94% with the novel design proposed for the converter.
Keywords: LLC resonant DC/DC converter, Fundamental Harmonic Approximation, zero-voltage switching, MOSFETS
Author: P. Kowstubha
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160269

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