Development of Dynamic Monitoring System of Cement Kiln’s Axis based on WSN

Abstract: Aiming at the measurement of cement rotary kiln’s axis, the paper presents the design method of a wireless dynamic measurement system for rotary kiln’s axis. A wireless sensor network monitoring system that can collect multiple parameters was designed, which integrates the detection functions for kiln shell axis deviation, kiln tire axis deviation and drive gear synchronizing signal, and has the advantages of wireless transmission, low power consumption, and easy to install. ZigBee tree network was developed, which is beneficial to expand the capacity of wireless network, improve the efficiency of data transmission, reduce the cost, and shorten the development cycle. The sever measurement software was designed, which has the functions of data wireless acquisition and analysis for rotary kiln axis. The related prototypes of the monitoring device were developed, which verified the effectiveness of the system on the cement rotary kiln.
Keywords: Rotary kiln; Axis measurement; WSN; ZigBee
Author: Zhiqiang Hu, Huafeng Guo
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160077

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