Video Compression Encoding and Decoding Mechanism of H.264 Based on FPGA

Abstract: In distributed-type video encoding, temporal correlation between key frames is not utilized. Based on this, selection method of encoding mode of key frames is put forward, which is based on band allocation. First, divide coefficient tape gained by key frames after FPGA conversion into low-frequencyband and high-frequency band. Part of low-frequency band adopts H.264 encoding and decoding. Then make further selection to encoding mode of high-frequency band. H.264 encoding and decoding andtraditional intra-frame encoding and decoding are carried out respectively. Finish selection of encodingmode at decoding end. At last transmit selection of encoding mode to encoding end through feedback channel. Simulation result shows that under the circumstance that complexity at encoding end is notadded, method put forward has improved quality of video after decoding, enhancing peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) of system by about 1-5bB.
Keywords: Video encoding; FPGA; Decoding; Compression; H.264
Author: Yanyu Wang, Shirin Malekpour
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160078

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