Spaceborne Antenna RF Radiation Protection Methods

Abstract: Applications of the method in optimizing arrangement of antennas in small satellite platforms are ninvestigated. Satellite antenna layout EMC simulation modeling, analysis and design optimization has been described in the article. Taking a LEO satellite prototype, we have established a satellite simulation model simulation model and the respective antennas, and calculate the degree of coupling between the antennas, and finally optimize the design of poor antenna placement. The pre-layout of the antenna system is arranged according to the engineering requirements and the design principle for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of antennas. After modeling optimization, several more serious mutual interference significantly improved antenna isolation. Simulation results show that, after a spaceborne antennaoptimized layout, the original mutual interference serious antenna isolation performance improves. Spaceborne Antenna compatibility analysis simulation model to accurately establish can help RF radiation protection solutions to meet the design expectations.
Keywords: antenna placement, optimization and simulation, satellite antenna
Author: Wang Zhi-Cheng, Xu Xiao-wen
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160076

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