Design of Intelligent Transportation System Based on the Technology of Information and Communication Engineering

Abstract: With the development of social economy and city urbanization, city road traffic network has developed rapidly, great convenience for people's travel, but also led to a sharp increase in traffic demand. The direct consequence is the rapid expansion of traffic flow, traffic-jam, the city has becoming increasingly serious, frequent traffic accidents. The worsening traffic environment has become a globalproblem. As a very important means to solve the problem of global transportation, intelligent transportation system (ITS) with real-time, efficient, accurate analysis, processing and control ability has won great recognition, has make a spurt of progress of development. Traffic information detection technology is an important part of the intelligent transportation system, has the abilities of real-time data acquisition, analysis, processing and distribution of a wide range of road network traffic data information, has gradually become the traffic administrative department of the daily traffic management activities and the important fields in traffic research work. The traffic information collection technique not only can effectively help thetraffic management and law enforcement, and to provide basis data for future traffic planning. The introduction of laser technology, it will play an important role in the development of traffic detection techniques play. The integrated use of communication engineering, information engineering theory of traffic detection technology and data processing technology of two parts together in the intelligenttransportation system, and put forward comprehensive traffic information acquisition platform based on laser scanning data to design a can detect multiple objects and provide a lot of traffic information data. This platform has the advantages of simultaneous running speed detection, traffic detection and vehicle recognition module, and processing the detected data, the establishment of the database at the same time, to realize the data acquisition and processing function diversification.
Keywords: intelligent transportation system, traffic detection technology, speed detection, traffic flow statistics, vehicle recognition
Author: Zhou Yuan, Miao Yao Feng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160082

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