Welding Robot Kinematics Analysis and Trajectory Planning

Abstract: Taking PR1400 welding robot as the research object, the structure and link parameters are analyzed and the standard Denavit-Hartenberg method is applied to establish the coordinate system. Then the robot kinematics is analyzed. Matlab Robotics Toolbox is used to build the model and trajectory planning simulation. Thus continuous smooth joints angular displacement, angular velocity, angularacceleration curve and the end motion trajectory curves of PR1400 robot are obtained. Besides, the simulation can allow researchers to avoid kinematics analysis and computational errors, and thereby the robot kinematics analysis and trajectory planning problem are more simple and reliable. The above researches can provide a theoretical basis for PR1400 welding robot trajectory planning in the practicalapplication.
Keywords: Denavit-Hartenberg, Matlab, kinematics analysis, PR1400 welding robot, trajectory planning
Author: Li Jingwei, Tong Yifei, Wu Shaofeng, Tan Qingmeng, Li Dongbo
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160081

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