Brain Wave Recognition of Word Imagination Based on Support Vector Machines

Abstract: Brain-computer interface is a kind of new information exchange and control technology, and the key is to give an accurate and timely identification of electrical machine characteristic parameters of thinking expected action pattern and then to transform them into control command. This paper mainlystudies the brain wave identification method of the human brain in imagining Chinese words. Researchers have studied the right and left hand movement imagination, but for the study of word recognition, especially Chinese words’ EEG identification research, there are no researches on them. The successful identification of EEG of Chinese words in brain imagination can greatly extend the application scope of BCI, and it plays a role in BCI research.
Keywords: Brain-computer Interface, Brainwave Recognition, Supporting Vector Machines
Author: Xiaomin Zhang, Yongping Li, Xushan Peng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160083

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