Analisis Kualitas Jaringan Lokas Akses Fiber Optik pada Indihome PT. Telkom di Daerah Jimbaran

ABSTRACT: In Indihome services can result in measurements and calculations will be compared with existing standardization . Analysis performed on the quality of the network , namely Rx Power ranges from -15 dBm up to -24 dBm . For attenuation value varies between 17 dB to 28 dB . Measurement of Internet services to customers obtained datarate of 10.6 Mbps , while the calculation for voice service needs and useetv each requiring 81.98 Kbps and 3.096 Mbps as the required services dipelanggan total 13.777 Mbps . Indihome very adequate availability of services , because it is provided downstream attainable rate of 2.3 Gbps up to 2.4 Gbps.
KEYWORDS: Kualitas Jaringan, Voice, Internet, Useetv
Penulis: Agung eka paramarta
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd170050

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