Spectrum Sensing Based on Monostable Stochastic Resonance in Cognitive Radio Networks

Abstract: The cognitive radio technology can provide dynamic spectrum access and improve the efficiency of spectrum utilization. Spectrum sensing is one of the key technologies of cognitive radio networks. Thespectrum sensing performance of cognitive radio networks will be greatly reduced in the low SNR environment, especially when using energy detection. Due to the monostable stochastic resonance system can improve the energy detection system output SNR, a monostable stochastic resonanceis applied to spectrum sensing based on the energy detection method of cognitive radio networks in this paper. The simulation results show that in the low SNR environment, when the false alarm probability is constant, the proposed spectrum sensing based on monostable stochastic resonance has better performance than traditional energy detection.
Keywords: Monostable Stochastic Resonance, Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Sensing, Energy Detection
Author: Yonghua Wang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150082

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