Study and Design of 40 nW CMOS Temperature Sensor for Space Applications

Abstract: In the present study, a novel CMOS temperature sensor based on sub-threshold MOS operation has been presented, which is designed for space and satellite applications. The proposed CMOS temperature sensor is enunciated a good linearity between temperatures range from -60OC to 150OC with inaccuracy of -1.8OC. This circuit is operated at supply 1V and static power consumption 40nW at 150OC is achieved. The circuit utilizes the temperature dependency of threshold voltage of MOSFET, which gives two types of voltage in output, first voltage proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) and second, negative temperature coefficient (NTC). The sensitivity of both PTAT and NTC is 0.16390mV/oC and 0.17607mV/oC respectively between the specified range -60 OC to 150 OC. This circuit is designed & simulated using Cadence analog & digital design tools UMC90nm CMOS technology. The layout area of the circuit is 17.213μm ൈ 6.655μm.
Keywords: CMOS; complementary metal oxide semiconductor, temperature sensor, PTAT, proportional to absolute temperature, NTC, negative temperature coefficient, low power
Author: Abhishek Pandey, Vijay Nath
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150081

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