An Image Compression Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Neural Network

Abstract: Image compression is to compress the redundancy between the pixels as much as possible by using the correlation between the neighborhood pixels so as to reduce the transmission bandwidth and the storage space. This paper applies the integration of wavelet analysis and artificial neural network in the image compression, discusses its performance in the image compression theoretically, analyzes the multiresolution analysis thought, constructs a wavelet neural network model which is used in the improved image compression and gives the corresponding algorithm. Only the weight in the output layer of the wavelet neural network needs training while the weight of the input layer can be determined according to the relationship between the interval of the sampling points and the interval of the compactly-supported intervals. Once determined, training is unnecessary, in this way, it accelerates the training speed of the wavelet neural network and solves the problem that it is difficult to determine the nodes of the hidden layer in the traditional neural network. The computer simulation experiment shows that the algorithm of this paper has more excellent compression effect than the traditional neural network method.
Keywords: Image Compression, Wavelet Analysis, Artificial Neural Network
Author: Suqing Zhang, Aiqiang Wang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150083

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