Integration of Signal and Artificial Noise in MIMO Wiretap Channel

Abstract: In this paper, the integrated signal-to-artificial noise (ISAN) design is applied in MIMO wiretap channel to ensure wireless communication security. When the information of eavesdropper is unknown,the total power is divided into two parts: signal and artificial noise. The signal can secure certain quality at the legitimate receiver. The artificial noise which is in the null space of the receiver channel matrix can deteriorate eavesdropper channel by the method of beam forming. The artificial noise power is distributedevenly in other space, so that the eavesdropper channel is deteriorated in all directions. The signal tointerface and noise ratio (SINR) is regarded as the efficient parameter on measuring reliability and security of information at the legitimate receiver. The simulations reveal that ISAN can deteriorate the eavesdropper channel and safeguard the information transmission on the premise of the given SINR of the legitimate receiver.
Keywords: MIMO Wiretap Channel, ISAN, Average SINR
Author: Zhiliang Yang
Kode Jurnal: jptkomputergg150041

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