Improved Leader Follower Formation Control for Multiple Quadrotors Based AFSA

Abstract: In this paper, formation tracking in ܺ െ ܻ plane with equal height ሺݖሻ             for all quadrotors is discussed. Two controllers are necessary. First, PID controller is used to ensure the tracking of the desired trajectory by the first quadrotor named leader. The formation of the quadrotors in ܺ െ ܻ plane is achieved by using the directed lyapunov controller. In order to improve the controller performances, the artificial fishswarm algorithm is used to ensure the dynamic optimization of the parameter controllers. When the desired shape formation is achieved, PID controller is used again to ensure the keeping of this formation shape. Finally, simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controllers compared to the ordinary controller and also compared to the static optimization by using the same algorithm.
Keywords: AFSA (artificial fish swarm algorithm), PID, formation, quadrotor
Author: Rabah Abbas, Qinghe Wu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150040

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