Socially Mediated Publicness in Networked Society for Indonesian Muslim Women

Abstract: This paper addresses discursive processes that generated ‘jilboobs’ term. It tries to ground the notion of socially mediated publicness and its affordances by investigating the process of image making of Indonesian Muslim women. Using Foucauldian discourse analysis approach, the result shows three characteristics of Indonesia’s socially mediated publicness: (1) religiosity has a central role in the shift and contestation of private versus public sphere, (2) the visual turn of the social media has given specific augmentation for networked public affordances, and (3) feminine pious bodies are often marked by their concurrent presence and absence.
Keywords: jilboobs, Muslim women, networked publics, socially mediated publicness, veil
Author: Annisa R. Beta
Journal Code: jpkomunikasigg160003

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