Narrative Analysis of Maluku Conflict in The Film “Cahaya dari Timur: Beta Maluku”

Abstract: UN (United Nation) notes that 75% of major conflicts in the world are caused by cultural diversity. As multicultural country, Indonesia hashigh potential for cultural conflict. One of thebiggest conflicts that ever occurred in Indonesiais Maluku conflict. This conflict had been retold in the flm “Cahaya dari Timur: Beta Maluku”. The research question is “How is the Maluku conflict narrated in the flm Cahaya dari Timur: beta Maluku?”. To answer the question, the researcher chooses the narrative analysis fromTzvetan Todorov. He argues that narrative is not flat. It consists of certain levels (equilibrium, disruption, recognizing the disruption, an attempt to the damage, and equilibrium). By dividing flm narrative into fve levels, this research fnds the different condition in equilibrium level. Oftentimes, equilibrium is started by balance condition, but this flm is started by conflict. Besides that, Maluku conflict is positioned as the background story.
Keyword: Narrative, Conflict, Film
Author: Nunik Fajar Tri Listyaningrum
Journal Code: jpkomunikasigg160004

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