Me and My Indonesianess: How Kaskusers Express Their In-group Feelings

Abstract: It is asserted that new cultural hub provided by communication technology in the 21st century has driven both collectivist and individualist societies to reshape their identities. This research examines how Kaskusers, who visited Kaskus Regional Melbourne Lounge Thread, construct their collective identity by composing their profile page. Applying Van Leeuwen’s social semiotic theory, the study revealed Kaskusers were conducting self-disclosure by revealing their primary and situational identity, which mainly reflects their cultural connection to Indonesia. To conclude, Kaskus was perceived as a utopian community where the culture-bounded “idealized version [of self]” interacted in the egalitarian environment on online site.
Keywords: collective identity, online community, social semiotics
Penulis: Widya Pujarama
Kode Jurnal: jpkomunikasigg160002

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