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Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kualitas Pelayanan Publik Di Puskesmas Bahu Kecamatan Malalayang Kota Madya Manado

Abstract: This research aims to know the factors that affect the quality of public services in Public Health Center  Bahu,  Malalayang  Subdistrict  Municipality  of  Manado,  as  well  as  to  get  an  idea  of  the  existing public  services  in  Public  Health  Center  Bahu,  Malalayang  Subdistrict  municipality  of  manado.  Public Health Center is  spearheading the development of healthcare in the absence of successful  neighborhood districts. Health development is an effort meet one of the basic rights of the people, namely people's right to obtain access to healthcare needs. The main problem as a health service that many of its competitors is the  service  given  is  it  appropriate  or  not  public  expectation  therefore,  Public  Health  Center  Bahu, Malalayang  Subdistrict  municipality  of manado  is  expected  to  always maintain  the  trust  and  satisfaction of the public by increasing the quality of service to the satisfaction of the patients improved. Public Health Center  Bahu,  Malalayang  Sub  district  municipality  of  manado  need  to  carefully  determine  the  needs  of patients in an effort to meet the expectations or desires and increase the satisfaction of services provided.
The  research  methods  used  in  this  study  is  a  qualitative  method,  with  the  techniques  of  primary  and secondary  data  collection  is  done  with  the  interview,  observation  and  documentation  study.  As  for  the respondents/informants  of  this  research  is  the  head  of  the  Public  Health  Center  Bahu:  4  employees  and health workers of Public Health Center: 5 community representatives 5 wards that constitute the coverage of the Public Health Center Bahu, among others, is the village's Bahu,  Kleak, Winangun I, Winagun II, and Batu Kota.
The results showed that in view of the quality of public services for the Public Health Center Bahu is currently  said  to  be  the  maximum.  It  happened  because  of  the  speed  and  timeliness  in  providing  the service is still at a slow rate. From the above problems then in view of the factors  that affect the quality of public services, such education, experience, compensation, and work environment, so many problems that arise from aspects of the four points above, with regard to the central issues that are encountered in terms of  placement  of  employees  who  do  not  comply  with  the  skills  possessed  by  these  employees,  the  lack  of officers, while the work load is very much in compensation, received highly lacking and is not appropriate. In doing Ministry employee also in this still very less experience in taking care of the Administration and others, in addition to facilities and infrastructure in support of public service which is still very minimal, problem employee discipline and communication problems among fellow employees also should be on the increase.
Referring to the discussion and the conclusions above, in order to improve the quality of recommend in public services in Public Health Center Bahu then recommend it  – it is as follows. The first need for the attention  of  the  local  authorities  with  regard  to  infrastructure  work  supporting  employees,  the  need  for additional  employees  at  the  clinics  this  shoulder,  as  well  as  the  need  for  attention  from  the  local Government regarding the compensation of employees and the health workforce in the value is still very small.  Then  the  need  for  oversight  of  the  performance  of  officers  so  that  they  can  work  properly  and  at maximum,  while  leaders  must  also  be  able  to  embrace  all  officers  preparing  a  time  to  encourage  and motivate  each  other  between  one  another,  so  that  in  one  instance  appears  mutual  respect  and  had  each other.
 Keywords: factors that affect the quality of public services


ABSTRACT:  Department  of  transportation  is  implementing  elements  of  Manado  city  Manado  City Government, led by the head of Department, and responsible to the Mayor through the Regional Secretary (Minister  of  the  Interior  decision/autonomous  region  no.  55  in  2000).  Follow-up  the  decision  has published regulations Manado number 04 of 2008 about the Organization and the work area of the city of Manado, Manado city and regulation number 19 in 2008 about the details of the duties and functions of the  Office  of  the  city  of  Manado  in  the  relationship  of  carrying  out  the  functions  of  the  service  to  the community.  Department  of  transportation  supporting  role  as  Manado  city  in  creating  organization relationships  ensure  the  safety,  security,  public  order  and  the  smooth  comfort  as  well  as  environmental sustainability.
This  study  uses  qualitative  methods,  data  sources  or  informants  research  as  many  as  10  people were taken from several elements, namely the Department of transportation employee Manado 3 persons, owner  of  microlet  4  people  and  3  people  microlet  user  community.  Data  collection  using  observation, interviews, and documentation.   Conclusion based on the results of this research, it can be recommended in general suggestions for  the  Department  of  transportation  the  city  of  Manado,  the  effectiveness  of  the  Service  relationship  of Manado city is still pretty good, to enhance the effectiveness of the Department of transportation should be good  increases  the  production  of  standards  and  the  feasibility  of  a  public  transport  vehicle  to  vehicle  in microlet  extend  stretch  permit  has  a  decent  road  standards  and  make  convenience  for  users  of  public transport. Quality of work  should be improved again in this case about extension of the public transport route  permit  is  expected  to  Transport  service  to  be  more  selective  and  further  improve  the  quality standards of the PC in public transit ride. Efficiency also needs to be improved, i.e. public transport testing microlet if just past standard test feasibility of KIR can be seen many vehicles that are not worthy of the road still passes the test of KIR, better than the Department of transportation's own re-testing against the microlet  public  transport  will  extend  the  public  transport  route  permit  in  order  to  generate  a  convenient public  transit  vehicles.  the  satisfaction  of  the  society  is  in  the  specified  test  standards  of  microlet  public transport  last  so  if  you  want  people  to  feel  satisfied  with  the  performance  of  the  Department  of transportation in this permit extension routes should improve testing the feasibility of an above standard of  yesteryear.  The  service  has  been  good  but  needs  to  be  improved  any  more  time  in  processing  the extension  of  route  license,  because  the  owner  of  the  vehicle  also  feels  no  need  to  wait  long  to  get permission  for  these  routes  and  also  affects  the  intentions  of  owners  of  public  transport  vehicles  to annually renew stretch licenses.
Key Words: Effectiveness, Department Of Transportation, Route Clearance

Kompetensi Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) Dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Tenaga Kependidikan Pada Bagian Akademik Universitas Sam Ratulangi Manado

Abstract: This research aims to know the performance of produce educators at the Academic University of Sam Ratulangi Manado. " Aspects that should be taken to achieve competence, namely, hard work and a great desire to want to learn and keep learning without thinking of things that limit us to back off and not want to evolve, because the science knowledge and skills that will lead us to a success. lazy in Office but should have a willingness to continue to develop. If we often procrastinate job, lazy in Office and has no will  to  develop  it  will  greatly  affect  our  performance.  Therefore,  with  positive  thinking  for  the  sake  of improved performance then with craft, loyalty, as well as creativity can improve performance as work for the sake of advancing responsibility form the University of Sam Ratulangi University as the pride of North Sulawesi.
  In this research uses qualitative research methods in which this research will emphasize research results  at  a  depth  where  the  researcher  directly  involved  as  an  instrument  of  the  research  base  of  the Informant in this research is the head of the academic section of the University of Sam Ratulangi Manado (Informants  1),  which  is  considered  able  to  give  further  information  could  also  give  recommendations anyone could become a staple in the study informants. u Lo Principal Informants in this study is Part of the academic staff of the University of Sam Ratulangi Manado assigned as many as 7 people informant. As for the steps-the steps in the analysis of the data, i.e., what Data still need to be sought, the hypothesis of what needs to be tested, what questions need to be answered, what method should be used to obtain new information   Conclusion  based  on  the  above  interviews  are  then  compared  with  the  theory  and  concepts  of Competence  as  well  as  human  resource  management  at  connect  with  Competence  human  resources  in improving  the  performance of  produce  educators  at  the  academic  University  of  Sam Ratulangi  Manado, as  described  later  in  the  tighten  up  existing  theories  above  it  overall  indicates  that  human  resources  are already  capable  in  the  execution  of  daily  job  duties  ,  well,  responsible,  are  to  assist  and  serve,  has  an impact  from  the  influence  of  the  consciousness  of  freedom  of  Association  and  relationship  coaching, managerial competence, cognitive, and personal effectiveness. So the results of this research show that the performance of produce educators at the academic University of Sam Ratulangi Manado is already good, but even better when retained what already felt good and upgraded again what is felt is still lacking.
Referring to the discussion and conclusions in any educational staff is expected to recommend in the academic section further enhance existing human resources. Don't be satisfied with what we have at the moment but, let's keep digging up all the potential of ourselves to further improving human resources is certainly will also improve our performance. Expected also to the staff of produce educators to be able to  give  excellent  service  to  students  so  that  there  can  be  reflected  from  the  human  resources  which  are owned.  Expected  each  produce  educators  both  superiors  and  subordinates,  make  up  a  good  working relationship  among  each  other  so  that  it  can  support  any  work  so  that  it  can  run  well  and  gained satisfactory  results  without  anyone  feels  aggrieved.  Continue  to  preserve  what  already  exists  today,  good nature, self-control, self-confidence, flexibility, and a commitment to the Organization so that the progress of an organization in this case Sam Ratulangi University will be the heartland of the us as well. Need for trainings  on  leadership,  public  service,  and  managerial  employees  in  order  that  in  this  case  the competence of employees itself can increase through the training.
Key words: competence, Human Resources


Abstract: Organizational culture is important when it comes to improving the performance of organizations and  personnel  in  it.  Culture  of  the  organization  has  a  goal  to  change  attitudes  and  behavior  of  existing human resources in order to increase labor productivity to face many challenges in the future. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the work culture and productivity
This  research  is  descriptive-quantitative  research.  Quantitative  research  goal  is  to  develop  and  use mathematical models, theories or hypotheses pertaining to natural phenomena. The population in this study were employees who worked in the Institute for Agricultural Technology North Sulawesi with the number of employees as many as 97 employees.
Results of this study show the influence of culture on the productivity of employees working for R2 = 0302, or 30.2%.  The  statistics  show  that  the  variable  work  culture  has  a  positive  impact  on  the  productivity  of employees  at  the  Institute  for  Agricultural  Technology  (BPTP)  of  North  Sulawesi,  which  means  that  labor productivity increased by 30.2% determined by or influenced by the culture of work, while the rest of 69, 8% are determined or influenced by other variables not examined in this study
Keywords: Organizational Culture, Productivity


Abstract: The progress and setbacks of an organization depends on leadership qualities of a leader. Seen from the point of view of any leader is always placed on one very important point. The role of a leader in an organization or group is vital. Because in that role, a leader will help the organization to realize its vision and mission. the purpose of this research can be formulated as follows: To determine the effect of Leadership Influence on Performance of Civil Servants in the District Office District Tagulandang Sitaro.
This is a descriptive quantitative research, which describes the relationship between variables to analyze numerical data using statistical methods through hypothesis testing. In this study took the entire population of employees at the District Office Tagulandang Sitaro Regency, North Sulawesi, which consists of 18 people.
Results of simple correlation analysis showed that the leadership role positively and significantly correlated to the performance of an employee or significant influence with the power of 58.7%; meaning that developments in performance of 58.7% is determined or influenced by the leadership role.
Keywords: Leadership, Performance


ABSTRACT: This research entitled: Kinerja Badan Kepegawaian Daerah Dalam Rekrutmen Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil di  Kabupaten  Halmahera  Selatan,  it  means  to  find  out  performance  of  corporation  employee  province  in  South Halmahera  and  with  the  purpose  to  know  and  explain  which  factors  that  influence  the  performance  of corporation employee province in recruitment of candidate the civil employee in South Halmahera. The  information  that  acquired  in  this  research  are  arranged  by  program  of  descriptive  typ  with  the grounded on survey and qualitative analysis whereas technic of data announcement that used by literature study and field of study with the direct observation and interview towards to 8 informants. 
The  results  of  this  research  in  the  field  are  indicating  that  since  2014-2015  years  performance  of corporation  employee  province  in  South  Halmahera  resulted  in  advancement  or  there  are  increase  of  the performance,  and  there  is  some  employer  get  the  appreciation  because  they  did  their  jobs  and  responsibilities with  the  perfection  but  there  is  so  much  obstacle  happens  when  recruiting  the  employer  candidate  in  South Halmahera.
With these research, the corporation employee province in South Halmahera wishes their performance will advance and they can implementation their duty and responsibility with  good. In this case there are factors that obstruct performance of corporation employee province in South Halmahera recruits the employer are suitor age  and  they  needed  just  some  peoples,  electronic  facilities  decrease,  like  computer,  Wi-Fi  and  telephone  and some regions doesn’t have telecommunication access and using oceans strip and it takes so long. The corporation employee province in South  Halmahera wish the government of South Halmahera can looking at the things  so that the obstacles that happened by corporation employee province.
Keyword: Performance Of Corporation Employee

Implementasi Sistem Akuntabilitas Kinerja Instansi Pemerintah qPada Badan Kepegawaian Negara Di Kota Manado

Abstract: Government Regulation No. 8/2006 mentioned that the Government Performance Accountability System is at least able to inform the development of the output of each activity and the results of each program as established in the implementation of the budget document. Under Law 1/2004, the implementation of the budget document, compiled by the minister / head of the institution, outlined the objectives to be achieved, functions, programs and details of activities, thebudget provided for achieving these goals, and plan withdrawals each unit of work, and revenue estimated at Kanreg XI BKN Manado. This study used qualitative methods. Source of data / research respondents are not quantified, as needed research. Data collection techniques using interview guide. The dataanalysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. The results showed: (1) Data reduction was found that policy Government Performance Accountability System has good staying note again the things that have not been completed (2)Presentation of data found there are still things that need to be considered is the Human Resources (Employee) , Infrastructures, and time Services. Based on theresults of the statistical analysis conclude that the implementation of Government Performance Accountability System and positive effect on the Internal EmployeesKanreg XI BKN External Employees in Manado and Other Agencies. Based on the conclusion of the study suggested: (1) Judging from all the important aspectsof this program, the government should pay more attention again Working Facilities and should improve the quality of service for employees who take care of personnel administration can get good service and deserve from this policy (2) Seen of Human Resources (employee) that is, more attention again due to the fact that there is in the field is still not quite in accordance with the existing workload so that all parties, not just employees in Kanreg XI BKN but employees of other agencies also may pleased with this Policy.
Keywords: Performance Accountability System, Government Agencies

Pengaruh Kepemimpinan Kepala Desa Terhadap Perencanaan Pembangunan Desa Di Kecamatan Kao Utara Kabupaten Halmahera Utara

ABSTRACT: According to Law No. 32 Year 2004 on Regional Government , the Village is a community unit which has a limit of jurisdiction , authority to control and take care of the interests of the local community based task origins local customs that are recognized or established within the national administration system and located in the District / City .
Participatory rural development in order to be able to walk and reach the target effectively . As in katakana by Nugroho (2003 ) that planning is an activity of the development process of the highest priority , because it determines the direction of planning and development strategies .
In the government regulation No. 6 of 2014 on the village , mentioned that the village government planning Rural Development in accordance with the authority with reference to the planning district / city. Development plan prepared in a participatory village by village government in accordance with its authority .
Keywords: Effects of Leadership , Planning , Rural Development

Peranan Pemerintah Dalam Mengimplemntasikan Kebijakan Pembangunan SDM (Di Kelurahan Tewaan Kecamatan Ranowulu Kota Bitung)

ABSTARCT: Every good areas of the city to the village level have programs of human resource development to its citizens. but whether the government has implemented its policy implementation is well or not in each region ? So that will impact the results. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of government in implementing human resource development policy in the sub-district Tewaan villages of Bitung city. The method used in this study is a qualitative method , as well as to find the percentage of analytical techniques with the help of the formula P = F / NX100. Data sources and respondents were 14 respondents taken 6 staff employee in the office of the villages 8 community leaders. Data collection using questionnaire and with interview techniques assisted. The results of data analysis showed : The Role of government in the implementation of human resource development policy is positive and highly significant, capable of both high and directed in improving standards of living. Based on the results of these studies concluded that the role of governmnent in implementing human resource development policy in the villages tewaan of bitung city, the government has been able to implement a very good and high quality human resources development policy because it has been as expected and needed by the community. Based on these conclusions suggested : Maintaining implementation pattern of development that has been done, focus on the implementation of human resource development in improving standards of living, continues to establish communication with all level of society in order to support the implementation of development.
Keywords: Role, Policy implementation


ABSTRACT: As stipulated UU.No.32 PP.No.72 2004 and 2005 that the Village Consultative Body (BPD) is an element of governance village with village government, and function establishes the rules the village with the village head, supervise the implementation of regulations and decisions village heads, also serves and share their aspirations is intended to answer the question the extent to which performance of BPD in carrying out its functions and authority in the District of North Oba Tidore Islands.
This study used qualitative methods. Informants in this study as many as 16 people were taken by purposive in four villages, the village Ampera, Galala, Gosale, and Bukit Durian, consisting of the village chief, chairman / member of BPD, chairman / LPM members and citizens. Instrument is the researcher's own research, collection using interview techniques. Data analysis with qualitative analysis techniques of Miles and Hubernann.
The results showed: (1) The effectiveness of the implementation of the three functions and authority of the BPD generally been pretty good; (2) The level of efficiency of the implementation of the three functions and authority of BPD is already quite good (3) The level of responsiveness in the implementation of the functions and powers of the BPD has also been quite good; (4) The level of accountability in the implementation of the functions and authority of BPD has been quite good.
Based on the results of these studies conclude that the performance of the Village Consultative Body in the District of North Oba in carrying out its functions and authority establishes the rules villages along the village chief, overseeing the implementation of regulations and rules the village head, and share their aspirations as well as society in general has been pretty good views of indicators of effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness, and accountability.
Based on the conclusion of the study, it can be put forward suggestions as follows: (1) To improve the quality of human resources performance of BPD and BPD leadership needs to be improved through training in the field of government management. (2) To improve the performance of BPD, the spirit and excitement of labor leaders and members of the BPD should be given adequate support. (3) To improve the performance of BPD BPD should be able to establish good cooperation and harmony with the Government of the Village and the Village Community Institution (LPM, and other PKK).
Keywords: Performance, Village Consultative Body (BPD)
Penulis: Sintikce Katengar, Salmin Dengo, Telly Sondakh
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