Pengukuran Kualitas Layanan Kesehatan bagi Pasien Bersubsidi

Abstract: Evaluating the quality of health services essential for consumers, service providers, and the community. Develop health care quality measurement is important for systems and organizations who want to know the quality of health services provided. This study aimed to establish the measurement of the quality of health care for consumers who get subsidies of health care costs from the government. It was important because the existing service quality measurement is a measurement of the quality of service for the profit-oriented company.
This study is a qualitative study aims to explore the patient's perception of subsidized health care services for those they have received and wanted to know what they need. It is used as a basis establishing subsidized service quality measurements. Data are taken from in-depth interviews to 18 patients using subsidized health care facilities in Surabaya which has Jamkesmas card or SKTP.
The results showed that low-cost health services are factors that affect the assessment of the quality of health services in addition to other factors, not the freehealth services. Results of this study are expected to be input for health care providers,especially for subsidized service providers in order to deliver services according to the needs and expectations of patients served so that people are willing to use the service. Inthe long run, subsidized health care programs can help improve public health.
Keywords: Quality of health care, Subsidized
Penulis: Dien Mardhiyah, SE., MSi, Dr. Masmira Kurniawati, SE., MSi
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd151617

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