Cultural Transformation on Decision-Making for Indonesia’s 35,000 MW Electricity Mega Project: A Systems Thinking’s Perspective

Abstract. The study aims to analyze the existing system situation of the project, to compare it with the ideal system situation, and to propose the intervention to close the gap between the two system situations. The analysis method used to map the situations is the causal loop diagram. The study combines primary data using interviews and secondary data analyses on literature, government regulations, reports, and related sources. The findings of the study suggest that an obstacle of the project completion which should be considered seriously is the legal uncertainty. Root causes of this problem are the ambiguity of decision makers' roles, boundedawareness occurrence, and the influence of the hidden traps on decision-making. Therefore solutions are proposed to solve the situation and transform it into the ideal system situation: decision makers roles are clarified, every sector or stakeholder is able to see, seek, use, and share integrated information properly, and every efficient decision made is implemented appropriately into actions.
Keywords: decision-making, bounded awareness, hidden traps, integrated system, legal uncertainly, mega-project
Penulis: Dewo Hendro and Yos Sunitiyoso
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd161193

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