ABSTRACK: National Islamic banking more directed toward to serve domestic market which is still have huge potential. In other words, national Islamic banking should be able to be a domestic player but has quality service and performance with international standards.Ultimately, Islamic banking system will established as modern Islamic banking, which isuniversal, open to all Indonesian citizens without exception. A banking system deliversapplicative forms of economic tenets which formulated wisely, in present context theproblems that faced by Indonesian people, and with due regard to socio-culturalconditions in which the nation's history of travel writing. Investors can invest funds into acommon placement fund form that available Islamic banks, in savings and time deposits with mudharabah akad. Unlike investments in conventional commercial bank which thereturn settled and debt contracts, investment funds in Islamic banks usingmudharabah thereturn calculated based on performance of bank management fund and have equity contract nature. For BRI Syariah is fund will make investment in companies have the potential for significant growth. For economic global : Increased economic growth.The money invested by the funds will developed individual companies in the private sector, creating jobs, increasing local tax revenue, and contributing to sustainable employment in the region. And for Syariah Industri :In increasingly global financial markets, Islamic banking can increase its credibility by introducing common reporting standards.
Keywords: Islamic banking, Investment, Fund
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