Studi Kestabilan Fisika Dan Kimia Dispersi Padat Ketoprofen – Polivinil Pirolidon K-30

Abstrak: The study of physical and chemical stability of solid dispersion ketoprofen-PVP K-30 has been studied. The solid dispersions system were prepared by solvent method with several variation amount. Ketoprofen-PVP K-30 was evaluated by its physicochemical properties using the Differential Thermal Gravimetric (DTG), FT-IR spectroscopy and dissolution profiles. This study used an accelerated stability test at temperature (40±2)˚C for 3 months. The test include organoleptic test and ketoprofen content. Ketoprofen content were measured by UV spectrophotometer at 255.5 nm, respectively, after were stored for 1, 2 and 3 months at a temperature (40±2)˚C. The analysis of DTG showed endothermic peak friction ketoprofen is significant. FT-IR spectra indicated no chemical interaction between ketoprofen-PVP K-30 in the solid dispersion. The result showed that solid dispersion of ketoprofen with PVP K-30 gave a good physicochemical characterization of ketoprofen and could improve the dissolution rate of ketoprofen. Formula 3 of solid dispersion shown  the highest dissolution rate at 30 minute (82.657%) ( not less than 80%). The chemical and physical stability of solid dispersion of ketoprofen-PVP K-30, indicating change in the physics and chemistry of solid dispersions. The organoleptic test also showed discoloration of the three formulas and third assay formula showed that increasing the concentration of PVP-K-30 in the solid dispersion will lead to decreased content of ketoprofen. In addition, the most stable formula is a formula 1 with a ratio of 1:1 which resulted usage of 29 months.
Kata Kunci: Ketoprofen; solid dispersion; PVP K-30; stability
Penulis: Salman Umar, Nella Vista Sari, Rieke Azhar
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd140510

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