Pengaruh Gaya Kepemimpinan Demokratis terhadap Efektivitas Kinerja Karyawan (Studi pada Bank Jatim Lamongan)

Abstract: The achievement of a company is often associated with the performance of its employees. The performance of the employees have a very important role for the achievement of a company. Effective or whether or not the performance of an employee affected by the decisions taken by a leader. A wise leader provides the space to develop its employees, but in the rules that apply in overseas. The purpose of this research is to test the influence of the democratic leadership to the effectiveness of employees’s performance (study on Bank Jatim’s employees in branch offices Lamongan). The type of this research is research causation, with quantitative approach. This research analysis using simple regression method. This research using samples as much as 64 respondents taken from all the Bank employees in East Java branch offices Lamongan. The measurement of the scale in this research using likert scale.
The results of the study showed that there is a significant direct influence on the democratic leadership variables on the effectiveness of employees’s performance with the value of 0.43.
Keywords: Democratic leadership style and effectiveness of the performance of Employees
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd171100

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