Antidiarrheal Activity of Water Extracts of Guava Leaves (Psidium guajava L.) and Water Extracts of Green Tea Leaves (Camellia sinensis L.) Combination in Swiss Webster Mice

Abstract: The antidiarrheal activities of water extracts of guava leaves (Psidium guajava L.) and water extracts of green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis L.) combination against castor oil-induced diarrhea and intestinal transit time method have been determined in Swiss Webster male mice. Twenty five male Swiss Webster mice weighing around 20-35 g were divided randomly into 5 groups for each method. The first group as a control was given gom 2% po, the second group was treated with loperamide hydrochloride 0.52 mg/kg body weight po. The third, fourth and fifth groups were treated with water extract of guava leaves (G) and water extract of green tea leaves (T) combinations i.e. (G : T) 112.5 : 110.55 ; (G : T ) 75 : 221.1 and (G : T) 37.5 : 331.65 mg/kg BW respectively. The results showed that all extract combinations had antidiarrheal activities, significantly differences in increased stool consistency, stool weight, onset and diarrhea duration, and intestinal transit time in mice that has been given extract compared to those of control group. Frequency of defecacy of mice administered by water extract of (G : T) 75 : 221.1 at minute 180-240 showed effects equal to the comparison group and significantly different compared to that of control group (p<0.05). Combination water extract of guava leaves 75 mg/kg BW and water extract of green tea leaves 221.1 mg/kg BW was the best combinations in this research.
Keywords: intestinal transit time method, oleum ricini-induced, water extracts, guava leaves, green tea leaves
Penulis: Puspa Sari Dewi, Afifah B. Sutjiatmo, Arif Nurdiansyah
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd130429

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