ABSTRACT: This study analyzes the effect of innovation orientation, promotional support and sales force support on product performance in the market inorder to improve sustainable competitive advantage. The research problemthat is proposed fully refers to the research problems that is; there is atendency to increase the number of cabin numbers Prepaid sympathy, which means the cessation of customers using Simpati Prepaid products based on data from April 2004 to January 2005, and research gap from previous research, therefore, the formulation of this research problem is about improving product performance in the market by basing on innovationorientation, promotional support and sales support to enhance sustainable competitive advantage. Furthermore, variable and indicator of research alsobased on previous research. A model has been developed and four hypotheses have been formulated to address this research problem. Sampling technique is two technique (double sampling) that is, purposive samplingmethod andmethod of quota sampling. Respondents from this study amounted to 100 respondents, where respondents are the owners or managers of retail and cellular prime amounting to 100.
The data analysis used is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in AMOS 4.01 program. The results of this research data analysis show the model and research results can be received well. And furthermore, the result of this research proves that innovation orientation has positive and significant effect on product performance in the market, then it is formulated the support of sales force on product performance in market is positively significant, empirical evidence shows promotional support is positive for product performance in market, further can be concluded that each construct has gained justification and empirical evidence of sustainable competitive advantage through product performance in the market is positive and significantly influential.
Keywords: Orientation Innovation, Promotion Support, Salesperson Support, Product Performance In Market And Continuous Competitive Advantage
Penulis: Asepta Hendriyanto
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd170374

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