Hubungan Sarapan Pagi Dengan Prestasi Belajar Mahasiswa Tingkat 2 Prodi 03 Keperawatan Stikes Bina Sehat Ppni Mojokerto

Abstract: Meal or breakfast are still considered dull habits. No breakfast habits in light of the purpose of health and nutrition for childrens achievement is declining is a mistake that is very detrimental for the future of teenagers. The purpose of this study determine the relationship breakfast with student learning achievement level 2 Prodi 03 in Iursing high school of healt wellness PPNT Mojokerto . The design used in this study is an analytic correlation with cross sectional approach. a population of 140 students to 103 students obtained samples taken by simple random sampling. This study uses the independent variables and the dependent variable is a full breakfast with student achievement. Data retrieved by using questionnairs and KHS. Results showed students who regularly eat breakfast in the morning, 54respondentsor 52.42% as well as students with learning achievement is very satisfying that 79 respondents or 76.70%, and the majority of respondents were regular morning breakfast routine has a very satisfactory achievement learn that as many as 40 respondents or 50.63%. Spearman rho test results with the help of SPSS 20.0. show pvalue = 0.00 or <0.05 means that HI is accepted, so there is a relationship with a full breakfast with student learning achievement level 2 coaching academy healthy nursing PPNl Mojokcrto. The more routine breakfast to students, increasing both the achievement of students.
Keyword: Breakfast, learning achievement
Penulis: ri Peni, Danes Eko Setiawan
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd170182

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