Hubungan Ukuran-Ukuran Tubuh Terhadap Bobot Badan Sapi Simmental Peranakan Ongole Jantan Pada Berbagai Kelompok Umur di Rumah Pemotongan Hewan Sapi Jagalan Surakarta

Abstrak: This study aim to know the relationship between body size, body weight and carcass weight of male Simmental Ongole crossbred at various age. The study was conducted in Jagalan abattoir in Surakarta for 2 months from December 2016 untill Januari 2016. Ninety heads of male Simmental Ongole crossbred were grouped into 3 groups (each 30 heads) that are Group 1 (1,5-2 years old), Group 2 (2-3 years old) and Group 3 (3-3,5 years old) according to dental anatomy observation at the incisivus replacement. Body length and chest circumference were respectively observed then correlated with body weight and carcass weight. Result shows a strong correlation between body weight and carcass weight by r value 0.931. The correlation between body length with body weight, chest circumference with body weight of Group1, Group 2 and Group 3 also shows in similiar pattern, with r value 0.647, 0.787, 0.666, and 0.661, 0.851, 0.661 respectively. A strong correlation also expressed between body length with carcass weight and chest circumference with carcass weight in each of groups as shown by r value 0.638, 0.740, 0.551 and 0.572, 0.803, 0.603 respectively. It is conculded that body size, body weight and carcass weight of male Simmental Ongole crossbreed have strong correlation among others.
Kata Kunci: Body Weight; Carcass Weight; Correlation; Simpo Cattle
Penulis: Sofie Suliani, Ahmad Pramono, Joko Riyanto, Sigit Prastowo
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd170362

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