Analisis parameter pertumbuhan itik Magelang generasi ketiga di Balai Pembibitan Ternak Non Ruminansia Satuan Kerja itik Banyubiru

Abstract: The aim of this research was to determine growth curve models of the third generation Magelang ducks using Gompertz and Logistic Growth Model. Individual body weight was obtained by weighing at every three days from 0 to 60 days.Growth parameters were analyzed by non linear Gompertz and Logistic models using SAS v6.12 program. The results showed that the growth curve models had different levels of accuracy, regression models equation of Gompertz  at male wasY=2031.047 exp(-3.475 exp-0.03), female was Y=1711.909 exp(-3.374 exp-0.04), whereas regression models equation of Logistic at male wasY=1525.168/(1+14.996 exp-0.07), and female was Y=1387.704/(1+13.893 exp-0.08).Growth rate constant (k) of Gompertz model was lower than Logistic model, whereas Gompertz’s asymptotic mature weight (A) was higher than Logistic model. Gompertz shows smaller number of R2 dan AIC it was0.9997 and110.227, whilst Logistic 0.9987 and143.917.Inflection point for Gompertz model at male, female and unsexducks wereindicated by age (Yi) and weight (ti) at inflection point, there were : Yi = 932.408 g, ti = 35.798 day; Yi = 785.899g, ti = 30.586 day; and Yi= 856.572 g, ti = 33.177 day, respectivelywhilst Logistic was Yi = 762.584g, ti = 36.470 day; Yi = 689.352 g, ti = 33.209 day; and Yi= 726.014 g, ti = 34.890 day, respectively. In conclusing, inflection point and calibration of R2and AIC, conluded that Gompertz models was greater to represent growth patterns of third generation Magelang ducksrather than Logistic models.
Keywords: Magelang duck, growth models, R2, AIC, inflection point
Penulis: Elisabeth Nadia Yusinta, Edy Kurnianto, Sutopo
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd170081

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