ABSTRACT: Type crustacea is prawns in the management of arrests using environmentally friendly fishing equipment can support the concept agrominapolitan models. Catch shrimp by groups of fishermen and coastal communities Banyumandi per person reached by 1-2.5 kg / day using bubu fishing gear and use the fishing rod by 1-1.5 kg / day. The composition of shrimp caught fishing gear showed better bubu catching result of the fishing gear. The weakness of the catch shrimp from bubu is not selective as the size of various shrimp between weight of 200-500 grams. The concept of fishing gear environment friendly is to take advantage of nature in certain levels as needed so do not take it all at once and taking into account the sustainability of shrimp seedlings are not taken for the purpose of regeneration in the region shrimp fisheries. The comparison between bubu shrimp fishing gear and fishing in terms of sustainability that are more sustainable fishing gear to selectively retrieve already above the size of > 500 grams. Catch shrimp need of special treatment that promotes quality aspects, so that the effect of time will be the freshness of various types already crustasea mainly to do with the treatment of freezing the catch shrimp shrimp. The economic value of shrimp has a relatively higher price if the influence factors such as appearance, smell, taste and texture crustacea species of shrimp can be met according to customer wishes. Alternatives to overcome the challenges of the factors that influence the processing of the catch shrimp with frozen shrimp product packaging. Packaging is one of the ways to preserve food mapun non-food products. The final decision to lower set frozen rate of storage determined by various considerations of biological, technological, commercial and economic.
KEYWORDS: biological; technological; commercial and econo
Penulis: Muhammad Taufik M.
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd170253

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